What is 3d laser scanning and what value does it bring to a project?

By using the scan the client receives an accurate and comprehensive view of the property/building being scanned. The equipment picks up details through the high definition pictures, laser point collection, and thermal imaging. One scan takes approximately three minutes and depending on how many scans are needed a typical 2500 sq ft space can be accurately scanned in 60 minutes or less.

What are your deliverables?

Depending on the service that is requested, common deliverables would be: point cloud created during the scan process, free software called TrueView, for clients that don’t have the CAD software and expert knowledge in laser scanning/AutoCad giving them the ability to view the data in 3d and take simple measurements. Regarding Drafting/Design services, the deliverables would be comensurate with the type of project requested. Standard Drawings on either 8.5×11, 11×17, and/or 24×36 with title and border…etc…

What is 3d Laser Scanning Good For?

Laser Scanning has unlimited potential to be utilized in just about any field. From asset management for muncipalites, to interior design, to historical preservation! Standard service industries: Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Commercial Sites, Real Estate, Residential Sites, Office Buildings, Industrial Sites, Process Plants, Pharmaceutical, Power Plants, Refineries, Schools/Universities, Stadiums Arenas and Theatres, Telecommunications, Water/Waste Water treatment plants, 3d gaming and software development,  laser scanning any building and/or property brings a new level of comprehension and documentation.

Who are your typical clients?

Civil Engineers, City Planners, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Contractors, Cabinet Makers, Interior Designers, Estimators, Designers, Developers, Electrical Engineers, Asset Managers, Architects, Real Estate Agents, and Franchises/Restaurant Industry.