Advanced Reality Capture

Utilizing state of the art 3d lidar scanning equipment, A.R.C staff goes onsite and performs reality captures, or field dimensioning. What is reality capture, or field dimensioning? It's the process of capturing data from the real world using photogrammetry software and/or laser equipment that helps create 3d models from either the photographs, or the laser scans. The accuracy is 6mm at 10 meters and using this type of measuring helps improve the quality, accuracy, and productivity of any project. Primary Current Use:

Construction Management and Progress documentation: Capture your site conditions 360° around the building envelope, all outside amenities, and interior conditions at various phases of construction. Let us use our high definition 3d laser scanners to capture the details to the accuracy and level of detail that you need! Provide your clients with 3d virtual walk throughs and the ability to be at the site from anywhere there's an internet connection! Prior to making that final pour, on the foundation, let us scan the form boards and over lay the permitted drawings with our scans! We will check the details for you and let you know if we catch possible issues...missing or misplaced utilities!




Catering to the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate community along the Gulf Coast, we provide: aerial photography, videos, and photogrammetry services. Our images, videos, and photographs are used for beginning stages of design, preliminary site plans, construction progression documentation, and/or marketing material.



Drafting and Design

With over twenty years of drafting, design, and project management experience, the company is well positioned to tackle any project. We specialize in taking our 3d Scans and using them in the following areas;

Architectural; Let us scan the interior of the house/structure, and instead of designing from a few measurements pulled using a traditional tape measure, design with measurements and photographs generated from 3d Laser scanning equipment! Current uses: Commercial Development, Residential Development, House Plans, Millwork Shop Drawings, Kitchen Drafting, Custom Home Office Drafting, Custom Library Design, Custom Wood Paneling Drafting, Closets, and Commercial Cabinet Drafting.

Civil Site Design/Development;  With fifteen years of municipal experience dealing with Streets, Stormwater, Parking Lots, Site Developments, Permitting, Planning and Zoning the company is well versed in what it takes to get a set of plans approved for permitting.

Real Estate; A home's square footage is one of the most critical elements used to determine the value of the home! Sometimes calculating it can be subjective and tedious! By utilizing our equipment, we can calculate it more accurately, less subjectively, and faster than traditional means. We provide quotes and packages (Floor Plans, Aerials, Virtual Walk Throughs...etc.) specific to the needs of realtors.

We have on-site printing services and can provide 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, and 24 x 36 color/black/white copies.

Unmatched work ethic!

Our company is here to take care of all your field measurements and help increase your productivity!

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